April 29, 2011

{DIY} Easy Gift Ideas

I'm always on the hunt for easy and affordable gift ideas for giving to people, especially my family. I don't want to spend a lot {and I don't believe you have to} but I do want it to be special and from the heart! My niece and nephews birthdays were this month, and I was having a hard time deciding what to get them. They already have a ton of toys and clothing. So I decided to go simple, I thought these gifts turned out cute. 

I picked up these $5 movies from Target and paired them with a bag of popcorn since movies and popcorn go so well together I thought it was perfect! 



I then used some ribbon and tissue paper I already had on hand and wrapped them up all pretty, looking like this:


Next I added a card, and got them ready to mail! 


Isn't that so cute! And the best part was getting a phone call from my niece yesterday telling me how much she loved her movie! And my Step-Dad thinking it was so cool that I sent a bag of popcorn along. his exact words: "Leave it to Annie to think of the neatest things."

Yup, I think I did good. All smiles on this end. SO glad it could help make their birthdays a little special especially since we can't be there! 

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