April 15, 2011

Into the Weekend

This week has been crazy. It was our annual District Council for my job, and I've been working late everyday this week. Coming home late and crawling into bed after kissing my sweet loves. Ava is currently in a whining stage. She whines and cries all the time. It's really fun {insert, sarcasm here} Hopefully I can take this weekend to re charge a bit, and get some rest. 

I also hope to take this weekend and finish up some projects that I have been putting off, saving for later. 

Like um, a chalkboard project. 

Some knock off TOMS. 

Trying to grow my own herbs. 

And a simple water bottle tutorial, for those that have been asking. 

Wish me luck this weekend! Also, I wanted to let you in on some very fun giveaways that will be coming your way. I'm so excited about these, it's going to be so fun. 

Here's a hint;

Oh, and this;

{click the links to see what's in store soon}


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