April 4, 2011

Oh Snappy Day- Fave Foto

Kelli over at For This Child I Prayed hosts a photo challenge called Oh Snappy Day! Today she's hosting one entitled 'Fave Foto.' While picking 1 fave photo from millions of photos I've taken poses a very hard task for me. There's just no way I could pick just one.

So I decided to pick a fave photo 'of the moment' or of the last couple weeks I guess you could say.

Here's my pick:


Now that is a smash cake!

Here's why I love this photo so much; I feel like it's the culmination of a very, very sweet {pun intended} first birthday! Isn't this what birthdays are supposed to be?!? I'm pretty sure.

To see her go after that cake was so funny. To see her taste sugar for the first time, and eat up every bite was so cute. This is what birthdays are made of, and my girl didn't disappoint.

It was a mess after this point, but it was worth every bit of frosting everywhere, stuck in places I wish it weren't. Totally. Worth. It.

I'm Linking Up To:

Jump on over to Kelli's blog. It's one of my very faves.


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