June 13, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Take Heart

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature, where I tell you about one of the blogs I love on my reading list and hope you fall in love with it too! For a full list of the blogs I read, click here.


Happy Monday Everyone! The weekend went by to fast, but I am excited for this week to start because I am heading to Minneapolis on Friday! Yup, my first ever solo trip sans baby and Hubby! Orion is taking care of Ava the entire weekend while I'm gone. It's going to be my first time ever leaving Ava overnight, I don't know how I feel about it yet. I know that Hubby can do it without me, they'll be fine. I'm actually excited that he'll get to experience life with her this entire weekend. This is just the first of many Daddy/Daughter times they will have together!

Ok, ok...enough Mommy gushing for one post! ;)

{click to be taken to her blog}

I want to introduce you to Danielle, in my humble opinion you all should be reading her blog! If you aren't already. She's the Mommy extraordinaire behind the blog Take Heart. I've been quietly stocking admiring her for the last couple weeks.

Her blog is based on the scripture John 16:33 which just so happens to be one of my faves as it reminds us that Jesus paid it all for us, he's overcome already what we're going through or will one day. Her blog is encouraging as she shares her faith, fears, accomplishments, motherhood and other tid bits from her life like her amazing kitchen re-do, her children's awesome bedroom, and did I mention she makes awesome little wreaths?

I first fell in love with her blog when she was doing her 'Love Story' series, so many great inspiring real life love stories shared by some amazing women. Miss Danielle has a pretty great love story her self.

So what keeps me coming back for more? She's sweet, she's funny {at least from what I read, she makes me laugh} she loves her babies and motherhood. And when I got up the courage to ask her if she'd be willing to donate one of her wreaths, she gladly supported the project and I am grateful!

And well, wanna know my secret for picking blogs and reading them?!? I like to read blogs of women who I could actually see myself being friends.

And well, I think she'd be a quality friend to have on your side. 

Stop by her blog today, leave her some love and tell her Andrea sent you!


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