June 7, 2011

Family Fun Day

It's a whole new world for us having Orion home with us on the weekend, one that I am enjoying so much but I'm still getting used to having him around! I've been trying to find family things for us to do these days, it's summer and I want to enjoy every moment of it. Ava is walking now, and we try to get her out of the house on the weekends since during the week she's at daycare. She's a lot more mobile now and interested in things so it makes it a lot more fun.

Tolmachoff Farms is a local place here in Phoenix, we visited them last year during the Fall for their pumpkin patch. Turns out they do a "family farm day" in the summer time full of activities. The summer heat has come early this year in Phoenix, we got there around 9 am and it was already almost 100 degrees! Yowzers! We braved it though.


Ava found this little wooden house she could go inside of and she thought it was the greatest thing. She kept going in and out of it. So cute.


Orion entered a watermelon contest, mostly because he was so hot and wanted the refreshment. We cheered from the side lines.

We stopped at the petting zoo to see some animals, played in the corn kernals, and walked around in the hay! Grandpa would be proud!


Then by 11 am we all went home, Ava napped and Hubby and I worked on refinishing some night stands. Then we stopped over to bring dinner to our friends and see baby Emery.  It was a perfect Saturday! How did you spend the weekend?


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