June 6, 2011

Pretty on Pinterest

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was so fun. Weekends are for family time, they are for getting projects done, and relaxing! Saturday we spent the day at a local farm enjoying some "farm day" activities. And then went to visit our friends who recently brought their baby girl home from the hospital.

Sundays are resting days.

I had the worst headache Sunday morning when I woke up, that quickly turned into a migraine by the time we got to church. I came home and took 3 hour nap! Um, thank you to my Hubby who watched Ava while I napped and felt better after I got up.

I also like to take a break from the blog, emails, and everything else Internet related on the weekends.

I've been finding all sorts of awesome things all over the Internet lately, and I've been compiling them all in Pinterest! Here's a look at a few of my "pins" on Pinterest to get you in the mood!

Source: google.ca via Andrea on Pinterest

Lovely craft space.

Source: etsy.com via Andrea on Pinterest

I need to make this for Ava.

I need a back yard for this.

And, I want to make this for Ava too! Wouldn't this be A-MAZING in her room?!!!!

I really want to do something like this for a future play room.

It's becoming slightly addicting. Such a great way to keep all your creative ideas organized and together. Let me know if you want an invitation. If you're already on Pinterest, I'd love to follow you and see what you're "pinning." Leave your links here and I'll come by and visit, leave a comment and probably re-pin your ideas too!

Also, there's just a few more days to donate & enter to win some amazing prizes by donating to Project Baby B! If you haven't donated yet I invite you to pray and think about donating to this amazing family! Go here to donate!

Happy Monday friends!


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