September 9, 2011

Happy Home Organizational Series: Cleaning

Ok, I'm going to admit all my secrets to you today! Don't judge.

Well, at least my cleaning secrets and some tips that make life easier for us that you could implement into your own cleaning regimen.

First things first, I don't clean everyday. It just doesn't work for me. Well, I guess I should say I don't "deep clean" daily. I don't dust, vacuum or mop my floors daily. I do however clean like that once a week, Fridays on my day off. While the baby is napping I usually will do all those things.

I can't keep up during the week on cleaning with our schedules, so I've resolved that deep cleaning days are Fridays and I'm ok with that. I also don't do laundry every week either. I do it about every two weeks this is what works for me and our family.

Of coarse we do our dishes, and take out the trash on a daily basis! We're not total slobs! (he, he)

If your life is crazy busy and hectic too, and you feel like you can't quite get "on top" of it all, let me offer some tips to you in the area of cleaning that may make things easier for you and more manageable.

First, of all I think it's a good idea to give yourself a break and get real with yourself. Once I resolved to the idea that I wasn't and couldn't be dusting, doing laundry, mopping, etc. everyday it gave me the freedom to make a cleaning schedule based on what our family does need. I told my Husband I can't do this, but this is what you can expect from me every week.

Enlist help! The Hubs and I have a deal: I cook; he cleans. Every night. It's glorious, and it works for us. I would encourage you to talk with your spouse and if you have children who are old enough to help about a cleaning schedule and how you can divide tasks to help make the cleaning happen, so that not everything is falling on you. Make it fun, have chore charts, allowance, etc. whatever works for your family. Here's some ideas to help make cleaning more fun for all involved:

Fun cleaning check lists for you:

Chore blocks for the kiddos:

Chore sticks with a free printable:

Good Morning Chore cards:

Creating a plan to keep our house clean, enlisting help, and making it fun for everyone is a great way to keep your home happy and organized!

I encourage you this weekend to think of some ideas of how you can simplify your cleaning regimen and get more done. For more household cleaning tips, check out some of my ideas on my pin board! 

Happy Friday & Happy Cleaning!! 


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