September 12, 2011

Happy Home Organizational Series: Keeping A Calendar


It's no secret in our home that I'm a crazy calendar girl! I write everything down in my day planner; birthdays, appointments, events, when bills are due, to-do lists and probably more. I've been this way since I was in high school. I make notes in their too; grocery lists, to-do lists, blog ideas, etc. 

Our lives are busy. Every one's lives are busy, add a few kids in there and I'm sure your days and weekends are sure to fill up. Keeping a calendar is one way to keep it all together and keep you on track so you're not missing something important. 

Here's my 3 tips for keeping a calendar in your home:

1. Decide what type you'll keep
- are you a paper and pen kinda gal like me and keep everything in a day planner?
- or are you a digital kinda woman and like to sync your calendar with your computer or phone?
- or maybe you're the dry erase board kinda girl and keep it on the family fridge for all to see. 
Either way, decide what type of calendar you'll need to keep you and you're family organized. I love a good day planner. I keep it in my purse at all times.

2. Keep 1 calendar in your family
In my family I am the organized one, not the Hubster. It's ok, he's got other giftings. Maybe your spouse is really organized to, but I encourage you to keep 1 calendar for your family that way you're not crossing events, or over scheduling yourself, or double booking. My advice would be to make sure you both agree/know about an event before it goes in the 1 family calendar. If you're husband wants to schedule something make it a habit to talk about these events before saying "yes" and putting them on the family calendar. This will make for a much happier home. 

3. Come together once a week to go over family events, schedules, etc.
Maybe Suzie has soccer Mondays, and Tuesday you have a lunch date, and Friday is family night coming together with your spouse once a week to go over the weeks events will help keep both of you on the same page, and give each of you a chance to write these important events in your respective calendars from the 1 family calendar. We come together in the Worley House on Sunday nights after dinner. The Hubby and I review the weeks events, and talk about the upcoming week. Since my Hubby doesn't carry a calendar or have anything on his phone I make sure to write these events on a printable calendar that's hanging on our fridge. You can find free printable calendars everywhere online, but I printed mine for free here from The TomKat Studio.  Simple and easy, and he can access it anytime he needs to and see what's going for the week/month. 

4. To get the most out of your calendar you actually have to use it.
I know a lot of people that really try to get on track with a calendar/planning system. They buy a cute calendar in hopes that it will inspire them to be committed, and then they fall off the wagon only after a few weeks. Just like anything else in life if you want it to work, you actually have to commit and work at this. If this doesn't come like second nature to you, then it will be work. But, I promise that it'll start to pay off when you're family is no longer late to events, when you're not pulling your hair out trying to remember birthdays, appointments, events, etc. It's all right there ready to work for you and your family. 

And just to show you that keeping a calendar and staying organized doesn't have to break the bank here's a round up of some of my fave free printables from blog land. Enjoy! 


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