September 5, 2011

{Organize It} Easy Bathroom Clean Up

To kick off our month long series on organization, I wanted to share with you a really easy organization project that I tackled a couple weeks ago. It all started in our bathroom, after watching a segment on the Today Show about cleaning your medicine cabinet I thought to myself it's been a while since I've actually looked under the sink and taken stock in what's all down there.

Underneath the sink is great because you can easily shut the doors and keep a multitude of things out of sight and under wraps. Which also probably leads to never checking out the chaos that's under there sometimes. Which is my case!

So I took about 15 minutes one day to check out what was all down there. Here's what it looked like before I pulled everything out and got to work:


Not to bad, everything appears to be somewhat "under control." The worst part was that I probably haven't been through most of these items since we moved in last August. One of the things that prompted this clean up, was looking through everything and getting rid of expired/old medications, make up, etc. Did you know all that stuff expires? Well, it does. And if you're using old/expired medicines and make up you're putting yourself at risk of infection, and they aren't going to work for that cold you're suffering from.

So I pulled everything out, and starting going through every last bottle, medication, make up item, etc. To my BIG surprise I filled and entire plastic shopping bag with expired and or old stuff. Cough medicines, perscription meds, lotions, make up, etc. Kinda crazy, see here:


It felt really great to get rid of all that! Once I threw it all away, it was time to start putting everything back. I really love these Komplement boxes found at Ikea. You've heard me rave about them here before. They come in packs of 6 in a few different sizes. They are perfect for this space and help corral everything under our bathroom sink.

After cleaning the area, wiping it down and putting everything back in an organized more stream lined way, here's what it looks like after:


Not a huge difference, but now everything is clean. And there's nothing expired that's going to bring sickness to my family. And, that's a great feeling. If you're looking to start making small organizational changes in your home start with something simple like this. You're less likely to get overwhelmed by starting small, and afterwards you'll feel inspired to tackle more projects like this!


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