March 5, 2012

Getting Out Of Our Dinner Rut

Last week I tried three new recipes for dinner. We've been in a dinner rut for a while now, eating a lot of the same. A lot of "favorites" but I felt it was time to try out some new things for dinner. There's a website a friend told me about called Skinny Taste, and I'd seen a few of Gina's recipes and they all look delicious.

Saturday I scoured her website and found three of them to try for that week. I shopped that day for the ingredients that I didn't have on had. It made me really excited to cook dinner for our family that week. Here's the three that I tried last week; I'm not going to re-post the recipes here but give you links to her website instead. GO there, she's got a ton of great food on her site.

{these are all photos from my kitchen.}


This was a great one! The rice is copycat from Chipotle! And I must say IT really does taste just like Chipotle's rice. Everything about this meal was really good.


I love just about anything you can put in the crock pot and forget it! Delicious as well. 


I was a little skeptical about whether or not a salad would fill us up for dinner, but this one did not disappoint! It was soooo good! Filling enough for a meal too! The perfect summer/spring salad! 

I can't say say enough great things about Skinny Taste! I can't wait to try more of her recipes.

What about you, have you tried anything new in your kitchen lately?


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