September 8, 2008

BESA Weekend 2008

I have this group of girlfriends, since college. BESA we like to call ourselves, which is the first letter of each of our names (Becky, Eunice, Sara, Andrea) we came up with this while in college, and affectionately refer to ourselves as such! 3 are in Minnesota still, and Sara is in Wisconsin. This weekend was BESA weekend! I've been so excited for weeks about meeting all together for the weekend for story telling, shopping, eating, and just being together. It was a weekend with no kids, and no husbands... just us!Friday morning Becky, Eunice and I met at my house and made the trip to Wisconsin, we each drove half way and met up at this cute little lodge! First thing we did was eat! Since 2 are preggo, we figured we'd let'em eat! We did a lot of this! It was such a fun weekend of re-connecting and hanging out with each other. We found the best chips & salsa in Tomah and sat and eat, chatted, and laughed together! I couldn't ask for more!
To see more of our trip click here.


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