September 8, 2008

End of Summer!

Seems like summer has come and gone, but for one last hoo rah my family and us Worleys all met up North at the cabin! It was a fun filled weekend of shopping, eating, celebrating and enjoying the last few days of summer! We all packed it into a cabin in Alexandria, MN for the weekend. Split up the meals, took turns cleaning up, and had family movie nights! It was so much fun being all together! I love when my family makes the trip to MN to visit us, it's like their coming to our world and enjoying it with us. Orion and I haven't explored much of MN past the cities, so it's an adventure for us too! Such a great way to spend the end of the summer.
Here's a few pictures:

Kirk & Orion

It was a pretty awesome day

Me & Hubby
Mom & Kirk
Want to see more of our weekend? Click here.


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