September 4, 2008

Politics as Usual?!?

I don't think so! Did you watch last night? Did you hear Gov. Sara Palin's speech? I did, I watched with anticipation!She did great! Her speech was amazing, and so well put, I think! She has presence, strength and grace... all things that a woman in office should reflect. I appreciate that she didn't go out without a fight, she's willing and not afraid! We have a historic election coming up, and I couldn't be more excited! Tonight, we will hear from Sen. McCain as the RNC wraps up. Tonight is date night, we may just be having a date in front of the t.v. watching our election hopefuls. Such an exciting race, and exciting time in America. I can't wait till November!
Click here for an article discussing the speech
And is case you missed the speech of the year, click here


side note:
I really think Palin and Tina Fey have a could be sisters, or look a likes.
I've been thinking about it all night!

what do you think?


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