September 16, 2008

How's my grass?

My friend Julie always says, " If the grass is greener on the other side, maybe you should water your grass!"

Which leaves me to the question: How's my grass?
Have I (we) been thinking that others have it better than I do? Am I wanting things in life, wanting more from life because it's what I want, or because others have it? Do I have things because I need them? Or because I want them?
Hey... don't get me wrong here it's ok to have wants, dreams, and desires for your life, marriage, and friendships. But, what I am talking about here is the excess! The excess things in life, more stuff that we really don't need in life, but have because we want to.
My most recent example of this, that has brought me to question "the grass" in my life is; my Blackberry. I got a Blackberry Pearl about a month ago, my beloved Pink Pearl has brought me to question. I've had a love/hate relationship with it ever since. I love it because it has a cool phone book, and I have my phone and calendar all in one. I hate it because it's slow at times, you have to re-set it once a month, and it's a little more expensive than I really think phone service should be, and it doesn't have some features that I thought a Blackberry should or would when I got it. So because it doesn't exactly have what I wanted it to do, it makes me question do I really need it?
I've wanted it for a long time, thinking that it would make my life easier, and less complicated. But in reality, all it's done is make it more. It's more money, I admit I'm constantly on it, and really who needs to be on their phone that much?
It makes me think maybe simple is better!? Maybe planners are really my thing, and not the Blackberry. It makes me think, maybe I don't want people to have access to me all the time via email & the phone. It makes me think, maybe my grass was already green to begin with. I just didn't see it.
Now I know you maybe telling yourself this is silly to compare life to that of my pink Pearl... but I think I'm learning some valuable lessons here about myself. Less is more sometimes. And sometimes having the fanciest things, or the latest gadget doesn't make us really happy.
That kind of happiness can only be found in Jesus. That kind of completeness and wholeness can only be found in peace through him. And... I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't rely on his Blackberry.

He wants us to be happy in who he's created us to be. Content in the way he's made us. Not striving for something that man or China can give us. But something only he can give us.
It's time to get simple folks! It's time to water your grass!


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