September 26, 2008

Fantastic Friday

It's Friday folks, it's a slow day at work, and Friday's are my least favorite day at the job! It's empty mostly in my office, I am unmotivated it's true. So today's blog is about nothing really.... kinda like a good Seinfeld episode. So today is about fun, fashion, and dreaming of the weekend here at my desk. Love, Love, Love actress Mariska Hargitay! She's my favorite detective on SVU, and well period. Even though her character Olivia kicks but on t.v., Mariska kicks but too in real life with her 'Happy Heart Foundation' which provides help and support, for human trafficking victims. PS- and I love her in this yellow dress from the Emmys.

I thought actress Brooke Shields looked lovely in this mermaid number at the Emmys on Sunday night! She makes me want to have long hair again, and make it brown. Her Crest commercials have been tying me over till Lipstick Jungle comes back on.

Christina Applegate, here's what I love about this girl; just a few days after her double mastectomy to over come breast cancer she's out there already. I admire her strength and grace through the whole ordeal, she's not in the safe zone yet, but she's living her life for the now and everyday. We should all be more like that. Plus, she looks stunning!
Lauren Conrad, I don't care what you say I love THE HILLS, and I think LC is just great! She's a real girl who's making her dreams come true. Sure she's a Hollywood gal now, but once upon a time she was just a girl from California who's trying to make her dreams come true. From one California girl to another, I love that she's pursuing her dreams!
Actress Jennifer Carpenter, she's fast becoming the queen of scary movies. I watched one of her scary movies once, I don't know why I hate scary movies, and let me tell you it was scary! But, I do love this orange dress she's wearing. She looks pretty fantastic!
Love this couple! Patrick and Jillian Dempsy! They are one of my favorite Hollywood couples, forget all the break ups and make ups in the Hills, this couple stays out of the lime light for the most part, Patrick is an actress and Jillian is a Co-Exec for Avon. They stay at home with their twin boys, and oldest daughter. They live life, and every now and then get dressed up and let photogs take their picture. They aren't about the hype and I love that. They don't sell their babies pictures for millions, they don't move all over the place, and love to be in the publications. They are just a sweet couple, who have been together forever.
This weekend, I will be crazy busy.... as always pretty much. I am just gearing up for a crazy October! What you may ask? Tonight, I'll be spending the evening with one of my favorite ladies Miss Elizabeth, helping her prepare for Miss Twin Cities in just a few short weeks. Saturday, it's off to meet the rest of the Miss TC girls and go to Feed My Starving Children for a few hours and pack food. Sunday, Hubby and I are going to make it out to Stillwater for their Hot Air Balloon Festival. It's going to be packed but so fun.


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