September 8, 2008

She's Preggo!!!- part deux

I've been keeping this secrect under wraps for about 3 weeks now! And now that the cats out of the bag, I can blog and tell the world! Not only do I have 1 friend pregoo, I have 2 now! My two best friends from college and 2 parts of BESA are preggo! And the best part is... they are both due in April! About a week apart! Can you believe it!?! Eunice told me 3 days after she found out, and told me I had to keep it a secret till they told the rest of their families. So this past weekend was BESA weekend, and that's when she told Becky and Sara! It's so fun to be in this stage of life celebrating with your friends, as they begin new chapters, and bring a new life of their own. Mark & Eunice are going to be wonderful parents! I'm pretty sure their kids will be adorable! Now I have two preggo friends, due at the same time... can you say "double baby shower?" I'm so excited that I can share the news now!


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