September 15, 2008

One Thing?

What's the one thing that you do for yourself? Not for your hubby or your kids, but the one thing that makes you relaxed and happy, and is an indulgence for YOU?

Maybe it's getting away to your nearest coffee shop and reading a book and taking time away, maybe it's your hubby taking the kids for an afternoon while you stay at home and chill?

Mine is pedicures! Oh... how I love pedicures. It's the one thing I do for myself more than anything else. I don't shop often, I only hit sales. But I love a good pedicure. I get them about once every couple months. They are the one thing that makes me feel pampered and relaxed!

Saturday morning Hubby and I made breakfast together, and about 9 am I headed out in my comfy velour to get a pedicure! I was only one in the nail salon, had it all to myself. They were playing 'Saved by the Bell' re-runs when I walked in. I sat there, sipped my water, read magazines, and felt like I was in heaven! (pretty sure pedicures will be in heaven)

Now my toes are a fancy shade of red!

What ever "it" is that you're doing for yourself....make sure you find something and do it as often as you can. Everyone needs a little me time every now and then!



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