October 17, 2011

Race Day & Starbucks Dates

This weekend was beautiful! Not only are we having great weather here in sunny Arizona but we had a great fun, relaxing and productive weekend. Friday, Ava and I spent the day together {per usual} I had great plans of taking her to the library and then going to the park, but our library was closed and I didn't know it. Then it was 101 degrees Friday and it was to hot to go anywhere outside for long periods of time. So we headed to Starbucks for a date. I've never taken Ava there before, but I got a gift card from my co workers and I thought it'd be fun to drink coffee and chocolate milk together.

Turns out she loves petite vanilla scones just as much as I do. Coffee date with Ava turned out to be very messy but very fun. She was sipping milk from a straw got a little carried away and spilled it all over her and me.

Motherhood has changed me, before I think I would have freaked out gotten all flustered and been very anal about her being covered in chocolate milk. Surprisingly I wasn't. I was very laid back about it, we cleaned up and went on with our day.


Saturday, was Orion's very first 5K race! He's been training for a while now and I was very excited to go and cheer him on. He's working his way towards running a marathon. Next month he's running  a 10K too. This weekend he ran in the Grand Canyon University Run for Children's Cancer.


He ran with a team of his co workers, and finished the race with a time of 30 minutes. He did great, and I'm proud of him for accomplishing a goal of his!



We had a great day together! Then Saturday night we were able to go out on a date together. We haven't done that in a while but it was good to get away and spend some alone time together.

We'll be back later this week continuing our Closet Series! Come back later in the week, and hello to some of our new readers! We're glad to have you here!


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