October 10, 2011

{Closet Series} Building a Wardrobe

If you have a closet, then you probably have clothes to fill it up right? Lately, I've been feeling really challenged to buy only things I love.

Kinda, sounds simple right? But, if you're anything like me you might like to shop. You might like a lot of different things, and tend to buy them all if you can afford it. Or if it's on clearance.

Here's the trap I've fallen into many times;

It's cute, check!

It's on clearance, check!

So I buy it.

Then I take it home, and it sits in my closet and I begin to rotate it through all the other clothing that I have that can't be worn together or re mixed because it's a certain type of shirt that only goes with these type of pants, yada yada!

Do you have this same problem? Well, that's why I've been feeling really challenged lately to not just buy stuff because it's cute, it fits or it's on sale and I "like" it. Here's the truth, I have a lot of clothing. It's true you saw it.

Here's the other truth, I don't wear half of it. As I was cleaning out my closet a couple days ago pulling out things I no longer wear, or haven't in a year and deciding that it needed to go I decided I am going to pair down, and really only buy things that 1. I love and 2. go with other things, therefore expanding the wardrobe I have.

I'm not an expert on this, but I am learning a lot. I found this, and I've been slowly making a list of things to keep, and others to be on the look out for as I shop.

You know someone who does have this figured out and she's fabulous at it? Cori from La Vie Petite. I've been reading her series called Dressing on A Dime, and it's awesome! She shares some amazing tips on how to build your wardrobe, go here to read up! You won't be sorry. You'll be hearing from her later this month too, so get excited!

Where are my fave places to shop? Here's the thing, I always shop the clearence rack where ever I go. I never pay full price. If there's something I want that's way out of my budget usually I'll just wait till it goes on sale. I use copoun codes, and online promotions to score great deals.

I like to shop at a lot of different places, here's some of my faves:

T.J Max
Nordstrom Rack- awesome for shoes!
Target- great for basics. I love their shoes too, and for casual tops
DownEast Basics- hands down most modest store, that's cute! I also am loving their camis
The Limited- great for classic work wear pieces
Stein Mart
Old Navy

And just because I thought this video was really creative, here's a look at 100 years of fashion and how its evolved:

What are some of you fave places to shop? How are you building a wardrobe? Tell me in the comments below!


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