January 27, 2012

A Day in:: January 23, 2012

It's been a while since I documented a full day in our lives. I wanted to start doing this again since our days looks drastically different than they did almost a year ago. The biggest change you might ask? It's been in our schedule more specifically Hubby's work schedule.

You may remember if you've been reading for any amount of time that Hubby works till 7 pm, and I do this crazy run across town pick Ava up from day care and then drive back across town and get him from work. Getting us home about 7:30 pm nightly, and eating dinner around 8 pm. I'm happy to rejoice that the Lord heard my prayer and he answered it by giving my Husband a new schedule putting him to work earlier, and getting home earlier.

This is going to be a BIG welcome change to our family, and I'm excited about giving us more time together during the week nights, more time in general as a family. It's amazing how just a few hours can give you so much.

So now, here's what our days look like on a day of the week.

It was Monday January 23rd.

5 AM: My alarm goes off, I lay there and debate just how much longer I can sleep in before finally getting up to get ready for the day. True story.

5:30 AM: Hubby is up and getting himself ready and then gets Ava up while I am still getting ready.

5:45 AM: We're getting breakfast for ourselves packing our lunches and getting everything ready to leave for the day. 

6:15 AM: We're heading out the door loading in the car on our way to day care. 

6:30 AM: We're at daycare just down the road from home. I take Ava inside get her situated and then we're off headed towards Orion's work. 

7 AM: Drop off Orion at work.

8 AM: I arrive at work.


Lunch! Me and Kindle have a date!



Head off to pick up Hubby from work. We're at Ava's daycare by 5:30 PM.

5:45 PM: We're making a quick stop at Wal-Mart, I loathe that place but they have the best selection of blank shirts and I have some custom orders to work on tonight. 




7:30 PM: We're getting Ava ready for bed. We read stories, sing songs and say our prayers. Hubby gets Ava ready for bed tonight so I can watch this;


I spend the next two hours watching The Bachelor and texting my friend Jessie back and forth while we watch together!

After that, I head to my studio {aka: my bedroom} to start working on these:


10:30 PM It's bed time, and just about now is when Ava's insomnia starts to kick in.

That's our day!

What do your days look like? DO you document them in any special way?

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