January 13, 2012

iheart: my Clarisonic!

A few of my favorite things, stuff I love, things I actually use and letting you know why
Iheart them so much!


Source: ulta.com via Andrea on Pinterest

I first heard about Clarisonic through Whippy Cake, Becki talked about it in a video I watched on her site. I just had to know more about this awesome beauty tool. After doing some research and feeling a little overwhelmed about the price (it's kinda pricey) I began to mull it over a bit, for a few months actually.

I've always had really bad skin, mostly due to my PCOS. I remember years in high school having some of the worst breakouts ever! Going through college where you had late nights of studding and papers to write, washing my face was sometimes on the lowest priority. I've tried just about every cleanser out there, you name it I've probably tried it.

Actually the best skin I've ever had was when I was pregnant. Imagine that. Then about 3 years ago I found the best skin cleanser I've tried and it's been wonders for my skin. Still, I'll admit I don't always take the best care of my skin (ie: washing it every night and taking my make-up off) and it shows at times.

After hearing a lot of recommendations about the Clarisonic I decided that I really wanted to make the investment. After saving for a few weeks I purchased it after Christmas and have now been using it now for over a week. And let me tell you...it's WONDERFUL!

It really helps clean your face well, leaves it feeling super soft too. I use my own cleanser with it. Nothing fancy or special, it just deep cleans my face and leaves it feeling refreshed and a lot cleaner. I saw a difference in just 1 use.

Here's my suggestions for getting a great deal on it, since it's kinda expensive (in my opinion.)

I bought the Clarisonic Mia, through Ulta.com and got free shipping. They have deals like this all the time, so I suggest buying it through a site like that. They also have a great rewards program too, so you can earn points as well.

My other suggestion is buying it through Ebates.com you will get 3% cash back if you go through them, and then buy from Ulta.com.

It's a product I really love, and I think it's worth the investment.

Edited to Add: Alicia had some really great questions that I thought I'd answer here as well. I did try both the Neutrogena and Oil of Olay brushes before buying the Clarisonic. The biggest difference is the speed of the brushes. They aren't as fast, and don't give you that "deep" clean feeling, and they don't exfoliate as well because they have a lower speed. The Mia is faster, and the Mia 2 has two cleaning speeds. After spending $14 on the Neutrogena one, and borrowing the other one I decided the Clarisonic was worth the investment. After having it for a week now and using it, I'm glad I went with this choice. It's over all better than other cleaning brushes out there. 

What products are you loving these days?! Tell me in the comments below.

I was not paid to tell you about this product, none of these companies even know who I am. This is just a product I really love and use myself.


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