January 7, 2012

Hello, I love you: Kitchens

Today, I'm linking up with Heather at Angel Face Designs! I met Heather at Creative Estates last year and fell in love with her adorable blog and cute little shop! She does this feature on her blog called; Hello, I Love you! Sharing what cute things she's loving!

She's decided to open it up to a Saturday link up party for everyone to share things they are loving to! Sounds fun right?!

This week's theme: Kitchens

I love a good kitchen! One day I dream of a white kitchen with lots and lots of storage and a dreamy pantry. Here's a few I've been finding inspiration from via my pin boards on Pinterest. 

Source: houzz.com via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Andrea on Pinterest

I have a thing for white cabinets with dark flooring. That's my dream kitchen. One day I would love to buy a home and redo the kitchen ourselves.

I also love the idea of some open shelving. Maybe not all the cabinets but some really light my fire. I think it's a great way to display some of your "prettier" pieces of dish ware too.

And remember when I mentioned about a dreamy pantry? Well, here's a few of them that I've been finding inspiration from.

Source: houzz.com via Andrea on Pinterest

Wanna join in on the fun? Join Heather and visit her blog and read all about it today, and then link up your own kitchen loves too! Linking up here.


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