August 10, 2012

A Coffee Date: When God Calls

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing a vlog, I sorta don't like vlogging only because I don't like to hear my voice. Sounds so weird, but here's to pushing myself out of my comfort zone!

Today's vlog & coffee date are about sharing what God's laid on your heart lately. Come listen and see what I've been pondering in my heart for a while now and how God's using it.

Ps- I think I used the word "excited" a million times during the time of this vlog! 

Ok, now you're turn if we were having coffee today what would you tell me about what God's doing in your life during this season. 

Once again, I'll be linking up with Alissa. Go here to check out her blog and listen to some other amazing bloggers share their hearts.

Have a happy weekend! Come back next week for some fun craft projects that I'll be sharing as well as a few other things on my heart these days. 

Happy Friday! 


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