August 20, 2012

on being "busy."

I feel like life comes at you sometimes in waves. There are times when it seems it just won't slow down, and there are other seasons when I think we wish that we could make time pass more quickly.

I think it's a natural human behavior to want to fill our schedules up, be around people, make sure we have something to do always. But, does that mean that's always healthy?

Every body's always looking for and seeking balance in their lives. More time in their days to get stuff done and see more people.

I think sometimes we wear "busy-ness" as a badge of honor. Like somehow we're more important and our lives are more important the busier we are. Or the more meetings we have, the more lunch dates we schedule, the more important and full filling our lives make us.

Lately, I've been challenged to re-prioritize, slow down and make sure what I'm doing all fits into what's important.

What does it matter if you are busy with all sorts of things, but not making time for the most important things in life like family and friends? Sometimes I get so frustrated when people tell me; Oh I meant to call you but things just got so busy. Or, I meant to do that but life is just so busy.

Sure I understand when life happens. There's always room for grace. But our "busy-ness" shouldn't replace real friendships, it shouldn't replace family time, or date nights, or those small simple moments that make the most impact in your child's lives because we were to "busy" to stop and take a moment.

To have a real conversation.

To sit in silence with the Lord and let him speak to you.

To be still.

Lately I've been challenging myself to "unplug" the day when I get home and give more time to my family. To not feel so rushed through dinner time, bath time and all those small rituals that we do on a daily basis just so I can make sure the home is cleaned before I head to bed, or make sure I can have "my time" to before I turn in for the evening.

But challenging myself to take in those moments, allowing the schedule to bed time to fall to the way side so that quality time is given to those moments. Some of the practical ways I'm doing this are;
- shutting off my social media on my phone after 6 pm. only take calls that I know are important.
- scheduling more blog posts during nap times and bed times for the weeks ahead.
- making sure I'm not on my computer late at night unless my Husband is working on homework that way he can have my attention.
- taking a closer look at my appointments/commitments and re scheduling so as not compromising any quality time with family.

My challenge is for you too, what are some things you need to take another look at and ask yourself;

"Am I busy for a reason, or just because I feel I need to be? Are there things I need to re prioritize in my life so that the idea of being "busy" doesn't take over?"


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