August 7, 2012

A Sick Day, Turned into A Fun Day.

Saturday night Ava began telling us that she had an "owie" in her ear. I know right away when she started proclaiming this while we were giving her a bath that night that it was more than likely an ear infection. She'd been displaying sick symptoms since Friday afternoon but I thought she just had a cold. Saturday night she was restless, she didn't want to sleep. She wanted to be held.

It's those simple moments that as a Mom I cherish most. Cuddling her. Reading to her, and making sure she feels safe. Those moments make motherhood for me rewarding and sweet.

That night the Hubby and I divided up who was going to stay home with her on what days for the next two days. It was decided that I'd take her to the doctor Monday and he'd stay home with her Tuesday. We couldn't go back to daycare till she was antibiotics for 24 hours, so I was determined to make the most of these days off with her and make sure she felt better. Sunday her and I stayed home from church, we cuddled and played together. We read lots of stories together.

At one point Ava was holding her stuffed animals stroking them and telling them "It's OK, Mommy make you better." 

It's amazing the things they pick up on, and it was so sweet listening to her comfort her stuffed animals and Barbies in the same manner I was trying to comfort her. By, Monday she was starting to feel a little bit better I'd been giving her rounds of Tylenol to help ease her pain since Saturday till we could get to the doctor.

Yesterday we woke up and went to the doctor early, and sure enough ear infection it was. After getting her fair share of stickers from the nurses we were off to go pick up our prescription and run a few errands. I took my girl out for a special lunch date just her and I. Although I wasn't happy to get to stay home because she was sick, I was cherishing every moment that I was getting to spend the day with her. I just wish it wasn't because she wasn't feeling so well.


Ice cream makes every ear infection feel better, doesn't it?!! All I could do was smile during this time, every time she'd take a lick of her ice cream cone she'd look at me and tell me;

"Mommy it's so good." 

She was happy and content. She was starting to feel better and be her old self. The rest of the afternoon was spent coloring and playing. She didn't nap a wink. Two hours of me trying to get her to nap ended up in her getting up early from said attempt. At one point I laughed to myself as I heard her in her crib singing Twinkle, Twinkle little Star to herself. A nap was not on her agenda for the day.


But, what do you know 15 minutes in the car on the way to pick up Daddy from work and she was out like a light. Totally asleep, snoozin' in the back.

I'm so blessed and thankful for these little moments that I have with her. They make me so proud to be her mom. So blessed and honored that God has given her to us to take care of in this lifetime. Yesterday I realized just how much she's growing up and how much she's changing. And although it makes me a little sad I'm excited for new stages and growth with Ava.

Our sick day wasn't so bad after all.


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