August 15, 2012

Oh Baby: 20 Weeks

This pregnancy is going by super fast! I can't hardly believe that we're already past the half way point. I'm actually behind on posting pictures, these pictures were all taken at 20 weeks but I'm not 22 weeks along. These summer months have flown by our family, and this time around I'm busy chasing after a toddler.


The biggest surprise that has happened since the last update, is that we found out the gender of baby #2! At 19 weeks we found out that we're going to have a little baby BOY! I'm so excited for Ava to have a brother. I'm excited to get to be the Mom to a baby boy, and I'm happy that my husband will have a son. We will now get to experience what life is like with one of each and we couldn't be happier.


Daily we talk to Ava about the baby, reminding her that she's going to have a baby brother. I figure if we keep talking about it, and be as excited as we are she'll catch the excitement as well. So far she seems to be doing well, and understanding a lot more now. Often she'll ask me about "the baby in my tummy." It's cute.


So far there have been quite a few differences between this pregnancy and my first. I hope to do a post soon about all the differences I'm experiencing. For starters I'm craving sweets! Baking and then eating. With Ava I didn't crave sugar this much at all. We are all happy and healthy on this end, and that's all I could ask for is a healthy and happy baby.


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