August 9, 2013

four years in phoenix.

It dawned on me this week that, we've lived here in Phoenix for four years now. Four years. Wow, those four years have gone by fast. We moved here just four short years ago, I was newly pregnant with Ava it was the beginning of August and so hot outside.

We were all thinking to ourselves, why did we move to Phoenix in this heat while we were unloading the truck.

I never wanted to move to Phoenix. Sure, I'd lived in Arizona before Orion and I got married for a short time but Phoenix was never on the radar. I was in love with Northern Arizona where I spent some years growing up. No, Phoenix was certainly not on the list.

We moved here from Minneapolis for a ministry position with a church. And during these four short years we have experienced much transition and change but I am forever greatful for a few things that have been brought my way in these years living here.

My two children were born here.

I have met some of the greatest friends. They have become family to us, and we're so thankful to get to share life with them.

We've been blessed to be apart of an awesome church. One that is encouraging, and one that took these broken former pastors and gave us a place to heal and transition.

God has pleasantly surprised me the last four years. This was a huge move for Orion and I, and back in 2009 it was just us, newly pregnant with Ava when we moved across the country and made Arizona home. It took a long time for this place to feel like "home" now four years later we're building a life with our children and that is so good.

It's been harding living so far away from family, and people ask me all the time how we do it. Sometimes I don't always have the best answer but this is my answer to that;

It's hard, some days are easier than others but that is why I am so thankful for our friendships here. Because they have become family to us. The friends that welcome us into their home for Thanksgiving and other holidays we're so greatful. We're thankful for a church and Pastors that care about us. Those two things alone make living so far away easier on my heart and spirit.

Cheers Phoenix. You've been good to us.


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