August 14, 2013

Who said you could grow up?

I don't know what it is, but it seems like Zane is growing so fast. Oh wait, yes I do. Could it be the fact he's teething 4 teeth all at the same time? Or the fact that he's hit just about every milestone earlier than Ava ever did?

He's about to turn 8 months old in just a couple days and my head is spinning at how fast he's been growing. And if I'm being honest it's making my mama heart a little sad. It has me humming Taylor Swift's 'Don't you ever grow up" in my head all day long. 

He started crawling at six months.

Sat up on his own at seven months and within a a few days of that, next thing I knew he was pulling himself up all on his own. Now, he just crawls over to something he wants to pull himself up on. He's hardly crawling at all just pulling himself up onto things.

There are moments when I just want time to slow down a bit so that I can enjoy his babyhood a little bit longer.

The days are long but the years are short. 

Oh how this is ringing so true for my season of life right now. When I'm waking up 2-3 times in the night still I try to remind myself of this simple yet true statement.

When I feel like my time is so divided by these two little ones who need different things all at the same time, I try to remind myself that they won't be like this forever.

Babies grow and change so fast, Zane is no exception. It makes me just a teeny bit sad. Especially when I think about weather or not we'll have any more children. If not, and he's my last baby it starts to make me really sad. And then I need to remind myself even more to enjoy and live in the moment that we have now. 

When you have only one child to attend to and think about I think you don't feel as rushed. Now that we have two children that are at vastly different stages in life it's so hard, I feel like time is wizzing by me. Ava is three and so full of life, energy and spunk. Zane is experiencing everything for the first time and I want to soak in and linger on those moments too. 

When the sun sets and the day is done, I try to remind myself of these small moments that we had during the day. The moments that won't happen again. Things that were said won't be said again. Cute things Ava said through out the day, I write them down in my journal and tuck them away in my heart. 

When I'm rocking Zane at 11 pm and then again at 3 in the morning I'm remembering that these moments won't last long, even though while in the midst it seems as if they will never end. 

They will grow up. They are growing. 

Even though they don't listen to me when I tell them not to. ;)


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