July 15, 2008

Celebrating One Year of Wedded Bliss!

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary! Wow! A year has flown by so fast! The whole day I kept thinking, remember where we were this day last year?!!?! It's hard to believe that one year has gone by since we said, "I do." Orion and I spent the day together relaxing and remembering our wedding day.
Our weekend leading up to was a lot of fun. Here's a little re-cap:

Friday, we woke up late drove to Iowa for the weekend. Rolled in about 4pm. Checked into our wonderful hotel suite. Chilled before dinner. Then met my sister, Mom and step-dad for dinner.

Orion and I all checked into the hotel

Saturday, had breakfast together, went shopping, played a round of mini golf. Which I won! The headed off to dinner at Flemmings, then took a walk around the lake district, and of coarse took pictures.

Orion and I after a round of mini golf!

At Flemmings for dinner.

Sunday, we packed up to head home. But, not before getting my anniversary gift from Orion. What you might ask? Well, I'll tell you! A PUPPY!!! Yes, that's right. I was so excited. I'd been asking, wanting and desiring a puppy for a while. Orion just kept saying that it wasn't the right time, and he wanted to wait, etc. He's good..totally had me fooled and feeling like he didn't want one.
Me with Bentley.
Monday, we spent the day chillin' and hangin' out. I ran errands with Bentley and Orion washed the car. Later that night we headed out for dinner. Orion took me to Ruth Chris's downtown. This place is special to us, since this is the place where we got engaged. We headed back again for our anniversary. It was so good, and I was stuffed! When we got back to the house we cracked out the top of our wedding cake to partake! Let me tell you it wasn't as good as it was a year ago. But, I still loved taking part in a tradition! Year One: July 14, 2008

eating the top of our wedding cake.
Taking four days to celebrate was a lot of fun. I wish O and I could chill out everyday together, and not have to work. :) I'm such a lucky girl to have married my best friend, be so in love, and love every minute I get to spend with Orion. He's such a great husband, and this year has been one of the best years of my life. We both have grown so much in this last year, I can't wait to see what next year holds for us, and the year after that, and years to come! Check out more pictures from our anniversary here.
I love you Orion!


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