July 17, 2008

Stop the Maddness!

After hearing numerous news reports, and discussions with my Hubby and other friends I've decided that the Packers should let Bret go. So what he came back? So what he's undeceive about his retirement. He's a football player, that's what he does. Just let him play, or let him go. That's what I say. This blog was inspired by my co-worker & friend Rhiannon, who this morning said the funniest thing about this topic. I will share it with you:
"Brett Farve becoming a Viking is like having a tea party with Satan."
Yes folks, that's right!
Now it's your turn to decide. Maybe you don't care, but you have to admit the whole this is just very interesting. My take: If the Packers don't want him to play, let him go so he can play with someone else and continue the game he loves!


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