July 1, 2008

13 days....and counting!

13 days and counting till our 1st Anniversary! It's getting close and getting exciting that we're only 13 days away from celebrating!
I can hardly believe that it's been almost a year, all week I've been thinking about how this time last year I was at my home in Iowa making wedding favors, and waiting for my bridesmaids to get there.
It's all flown by so fast, it's been one amazing year! Orion and I will be making a little anniversary rendezvous next weekend. I can't wait 4 days just with my hubby, all to myself will be perfect!
Plus, I can't wait to surprise Orion with my anniversary gift to him. He has so idea what it is....it's going to be so fun. You'll just have to wait till July 14th to find out all about it!

Orion and I just 9 days after we were married!

Yeah for marriage, one good year deserves many more!


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