July 8, 2008

office space.

Hubby and I decided that we were going to paint the room that we're using as our office. I picked out the paint colors, and Orion came up with the design idea! He did all of the painting and hanging of shelves while I was gone at camp. To my surprise I came home to an amazing office. He really did a great job with it. It's something straight out of HGTV! Our home is really turning into something special. Here's a few pictures of the newly painted and designed office space: during the painting process.
finished, with shelves.
our lovely space.
this is where I will write, pay bills, and hopefully scrapbook.

Eventually we want to get a chair and use this space as our prayer room too. It's nice to finally have a place where you can go away from the t.v. and do something else. I payed bills there yesterday and it was so nice to have everything in one place, and just be in there and know that this space was reserved for those things! BIG thank yous to my Hubby for taking on this project, he's so good to me!


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