July 23, 2008

Get Glowing!

This is my alternative to, "I have an office job, and sit inside all day, no time for tanning."

I've found three great ways to achieve that summer glow, while I sit inside during the day. I like to pretend I have a tan! Shh...don't tell!

Here they are in order (first to last) of what I feel works the best!

Strike Gold! This is by far the best, doesn't streak, goes on even. And gives the best instant results. It's about $15. If you get the Bath & Body while they are having their summer sales you can score it for about $5. I stocked up.

Jergens Natural Glow. This takes a little longer to see results, but I still love it. And at $6 a bottle it's cheap. And, if you got to their website you can print off a coupon and get even more savings. How can you beat that?!

Mark's Instant Vacation Sunless Tanner. They have a formula for face & body. It works great, no streaks, and you can see where you put it on. It's tinted for this factor. Regularly $8 but on sale now for $4.99. I love it. You have to order it, so it takes a little longer, but well worth the wait. Get it here!


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