July 23, 2008

The Power of a Praying Wife

As I told you I am reading for my first book in the challenge, The Power of a Praying Wife. So far, I like it and I am learning a lot. Learning a lot about my husband, and myself and how I respond to him and how that effects our marriage. It's such an easy read with short chapters, which makes me like it all the more. One of my biggest revelations through reading this book has been; I don't encourage my husband enough. As I've been reading about all these ways and areas to pray for him I realized that I could be doing so much more than I am. Can there ever be over kill, when it comes to encouragement and prayer?! I don't think so. And I realized that some of these areas that are so important to our husbands, I don't pray enough or some I hadn't even thought about to pray for or concern myself with. So needless to say I am learning a lot. It's awesome. Any way, I can help my Hubby be the person God created him to be I want to do it. I've been learning there's always something to encourage him about, there's always something I can find to praise him for, and to let go of some of the things that "really don't matter" and focus on what's good instead of something negative. It's been an eye opener. If all the books I read during this challenge or after open my eyes, make me think, and make me a better me; I'm up for it!


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