July 28, 2008

Weekend in Review:

This week was crazy & stressful! This weekend was busy but so fun. Here's a little re-cap of my weekend:
- Friday afternoon, I took Bentley for his 1st vet visit! He's ok, mild ear infection. I learned all these tips, tricks, and things about puppies. Since I am admittedly clueless when it comes to this puppy madness. And, I am excited for August when we enroll Bentley into "Puppy Kindergarten." Yes, that's right folks. Here's a few things I learned at the vet:
1. They have insurance you can buy for your pet! Seriously, they do! Who knew? Did you know this?
2. They have a class called, "Puppy Kindergarten" and we are going!
3. There's a lot more patience that goes into having a puppy!

- Friday night, my brother and his girlfriend came up to visit us and stay for the weekend. It was such a blast hanging out with them.

- Saturday, I spent a lazy day at home with Bentley while Hubby worked at the hotel that morning. I hung patio lights, and read my book, and cleaned. Saturday afternoon we hooked up at the MOA to visit with our friends who were visiting from Oklahoma. We had dinner with my brother and his girlfriend, before heading off to our youth night. Saturday was jam packed with stuff.

-Sunday, we had an amazing morning at church. Ate lunch together at the house, and chilled. Before saying good bye to my brother & Jess. I'm so glad they came to stay. It's been so cool to see my brother mature in the last year and a half. I'm pretty sure his girlfriend Jess has something to do with it too. He'll be 20 in September, and I can't even believe it. He leaves in October for basic training for the Air force. I'm so proud!

- Sunday night, we headed over to the hotel to see all our friends from Ok. I love them all, they make me want to move there. They are all such a huge part of my Hubby's life, it's always a blessing to be around them, they are such awesome friends! And I got to hear some great stories about my Hubby! Thank you Kevin & Ann!

- Sunday night after seeing friends it was back home to get Bentley. More puppy training to be had!

I'm pooped this morning! It's been a long weekend. We're gearing up for another great week. Wednesday we have the Youth Wii Tournament, and this weekend we'll be headed to Wisconsin to visit friends! I am so excited to see my BFF! Her baby girl turns 1 and we're going to celebrate!
More to come! Toodles!


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