July 18, 2008

Sunshine & Summertime

So, I am sitting here at work. Looking out my window and wishing it was already 4:30pm! It's such a wonderful day outside, and I wish I wasn't stuck inside and rather outside enjoying it. I miss those days as a kid when you had nothing more to do in the summer than go to swimming lessons, and chill out at home. Where did those days go?

Here's a couple things running through my mind today:
- I'd rather be at home with Bentley.
- I'd rather be enjoying the sun, and getting some sort of tan before summer is over.
- I need to seriously re plant some flowers, since all my others died.
- I am looking forward to having my brother come up and stay with us next weekend.
- I am missing my family terribly.
- I am looking forward to church on Sunday, seems like forever since I've been there.
- I miss those days in college when you worked part time in the summer, and woke up late!
- Being an adult is so over rated!
- I wish I had time to read more.

- Will there still be sun to enjoy when I leave work?!!?!

So I am rambling and avoiding mostly.... ahhh... back at it!


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