July 8, 2008

Sweet Summertime.

I'm finally home from MN Family Camp! 10 long days, and I am finally home. I took Monday off to re-coop, unpack, and feel like I have a life that doesn't revolve around lunches, camp office work, a hard mattress, and to many late nights. It was good day of waking up late, house work, and visiting the doc. It was back to work today for 3 more days at the office before Orion and I head off for our little anniversary trip! Here's a few things rolling around in my head:

- hubby finished the office painting, it's soo nice to finally have a working space.

- I bought hubby's anniversary gift, so proud of my idea. but now I have to figure out a way to get it home. :(

- my house is a mess, I spent all day cleaning it. (hubby lives like a bachelor when I'm not around) how do we change this? ;)

- all my pretty flowers are now dead, my green thumb isn't working for me.

- there's to much work to do, I don't even know where to start in my office.
Here's a few pics from my time at Family Camp:

Orion and I at camp; it was a little sunny that day!

Eunice and I at camp.

The guys; playing a game of frisbee golf.


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