July 24, 2008

Something Blue.

We're going for it, we've decided to re-do the upstairs bedroom. When we first moved in we thought the upstairs was great, we loved the paint color that was already there, and I think at first after painting the whole downstairs and our bedroom the thought of tackling something else wasn't exciting at all. After living there 2 months we've to do a re-vamp! Last month we tackled the office. And it looks wonderful, I love how fresh and calm it is in there. It makes paying the bills all the more soothing. If you need a re-fresher on what our office looks like click here.

So now we're on to the bedroom. I had this idea for a beachy themed roomed. With light blues, and white crown moldings. Orion has these ships that he bought on our honeymoon that will be perfect accents to this room. Here's a few ideas that I've been coming across for this room:

I love the blues used in this room.

The color & moldings are perfect! This is my vision!

I am also entertaining the idea of stripes on one wall, with two different shades of blue. What do you think?

I love this, so fresh, clean and calming. I also love the molding around the windows. I think I'll add this too.


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