July 25, 2008

news flash.

My friend Meghan she's on the news! She reports it to be exact! I was surfing her news website this morning like a stalker, and came across some of her work. I must say that I am so very proud of her.
It brings me back to days in high school our Senior year going to college visits together, and planning our futures. Once upon a time we were going to attend the University of Iowa and be roommates, and having the same major. In the end we both ended up following our dreams and going to out of state colleges. And life is so different I think than we thought it would be when we were eighteen.
Today, I'm so happy to see her living her dream. As I watched her clips online this morning I couldn't help but think she's doing what she set out to do. I'm so proud, she's a wonderful friend and I am glad to see her doing well.
Meghan, if you read this: I think you're amazing! Come back to Iowa soon and visit, better get come to Minnesota and see me!

To view some of Meghan's clips click on the links below:
Organ donation
Tyson food donation
Cellphone fact or fiction


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