July 25, 2008

Must Read!

So my latest and newest indulgence is the blog ever so titled; Working Girl. I am a working girl, and since my exit out of college in 2005 I have been working ever since. I have since decided that being an adult is over rated, that if I could work for myself one day, I will. My friend Jessie and I are often talking about inventing something so we can work for ourselves. Don't ask me what...we haven't gotten that far! I've had some great jobs since then, and some not so great. Now I am currently in a job I love, and hope to be at for a while.

Working Girl, is an amusing little blog about the lives of two working girls in the city. I love it so far, and am enjoying their musings and ramblings about life, work, co-workers, commutes, etc. Makes me laugh, appreciate my job, and say to myself: "exactly what I was thinking."
If you are a working girl, I am sure that you will love this blog. Read Up, enjoy!


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