October 10, 2009

On This Lazy Saturday.......

Couple random things about Worley House:

* We love DIY'er projects!

* We don't usually decorate for Holidays except for Christmas!

* Saturday nights are usually pizza & movie nights for us [at home.]

* We love finding unique treasures for our home at flea markets, antique stores and thrift stores.

* It's taken us about two years to agree on a decor style for our place!

* The Hubs could watch endless hours of football, Me not so much. I like the Hawks that's it no one else!

* Bentley is a Cocker-Spaniel but sometimes he thinks he's a Great Dane with a BIG bark!

* Our lives are family and the church, and we like it like that!

I found a great new blog today and I've been devouring it ever since. It's called The Lettered Cottage [TLC] check it out here!


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