October 5, 2009

Our Stint in The Nest Magazine!

Couple months ago I was contact by an editor of 'The Nest' magazine, she wanted to know if Orion and I would be interested in writing a local feature called "In Your Area" for the Fall 2009 issue of the magazine! Heck, yes I said! I finally received "our" issue this past Saturday in the mail. It was so fun opening it up and reading the article.

There we're a couple key questions they wanted to know:
1. What's your favorite restaurant to eat at locally?
2. What's your favorite place for drinks/dessert?
3. What's your favorite place to go shopping in your area?
4. What's the best place for romance in your area?

Orion and I were still living in Minneapolis at the time when I wrote this article for The Nest, so I picked out all our fave places that we love going to and whipped up a lovely article for them and sent in a picture of us too. Even, though we don't live in Minnesota anymore it's a great way to commemorate and remember the 6+ years we lived there!

Check it out:

Cover of the Fall 2009 Issue!

Our lovely article, it's a little blurry and if you wanna read it you'll have to pick up the issue or come on over!

thenest.com is one of my favorite newlywed/married sites, I've been a member since we were engaged, if you aren't a member or haven't seen the site check it out here.


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