October 8, 2009

One of Our Favorite Places to Shop:

Have you ever shopped here before? We love it, some of our first purchases for our apartment when we got married came from here. Orion's car actually broke down on that day, so there's a story and a memory there. But, we still keep going back. They have such unique finds and a great stock of dishes and glassware. My faves are the candles, pictures and mirror section. We also like looking at furniture there too. They have great rugs and curtains too. Here were some of our finds:
Inspired by our picnic, we decided we needed a real picnic basket. So we scooped this one up for $7!
I found these great peel and stick decals to dress up our walls (more on this later) they were on sale for $10 for two sheets.

Now at World Market you can sign up for their rewards program, it's pretty good if you shop there often. It's totally free and you get 10% off items every time you shop. Plus coupons in the mail.

Happy Shopping!


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