October 16, 2009

Reader Questions I

So, I decided to take all the questions that I may or may not have answered on the blog before and answer them today. If you've got a question about a post, personal life, etc leave a comment here or email us at andreaworley@live.com

Here goes........

Kait asked: Concerning this post: What temp do you keep your thermostat at?

We keep ours at a constant 70 degrees, we turn on the heat when necessary and keep lots of blankets close to the couch. Mostly for me since I always get cold. Now, that we live in warmer weather we don't use the heat much but keep the same temp. Find out what works best for you and your family concerning this issue and then figure out the best way to cut your electric/heat bills every month.

Alicia Marie asked: Tell me about the magic of this lens! I am intrigued.

This lens does a really great job at focusing on what your shooting and blurring the rest. it gives that really cool blurred effect that you see in photos. it's really great for shooting details like wedding rings, flowers, stuff that's small and you want to get every detail of it. I really love it! check out my photography blog to see some shots.

BMWenz asked: Because you are so honest on here, I was wondering if you do still journal or if this has taken it's place?

Well to be honest yes, I still journal. I keep a journal by my bed and pretty much write every day in it. Sometimes multiple times a day. I love the blog, but there's something for me about the written word that I just can't get out of me. Plus, even though I'm pretty honest on the blog there are some things that are just to private for it. :)

Maria asked: I would love to know more about what you do! Sounds fascinating! Have fun! Concerning this post.

For two years I was the Director of Scholarships & Fundraising for the Miss Twin Cities Organization. The Miss America Organization is very dear to me since I was a titleholder back in college in Iowa. Pageants are not for everyone, but for me they were a way of branching out, learning about myself, and pushing myself to reach goals and dreams. Many of the lessons I've learned today came from being involved in this program. Much of who I am as well was shaped by this experience. So now, as an adult I love giving back to this program and helping other young women achieve their dreams and goals through this avenue.

Alicia Marie asked; Where did you get the wall monogram at in this post?

I love monograms, I think they can make anything look more fancy and expensive than it really is. Plus, I just love how classic they are. This one I got in a store up in Alexandria, MN. But I've bought a few other ones online from UppercaseLiving.com they have a ton of great stuff. Check them out.


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