June 8, 2010

Baby Book

Each year since we've been married I've made a photo book of that year together in pictures. From 2007 to current we have the most beautiful albums sitting on our coffee table. I love the idea of documenting a year, so much can change in a year it's nice to have them all organized and in a book. 

I want to replicate this for Ava. I've been working on a book for her since before she was born with all her ultrasound photos, and now that she's here I work little by little on it as events happen so I don't forget the day or what happened. 

Here's just a few pages I worked on this past weekend and earlier this week:

And for those that want to know, I use the iphoto program on my MacBook for editing. I also use Picnik a lot too. 

I print my books usually from Snapfish or Shutterfly in 8.5 x 11 size books. They both have great discounts and I usually after I make the books and they are finished wait for a sale or a deal where I can get a discount or free shipping before I buy and print my books. 


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