June 5, 2010


I didn't take many pics over Memorial Day, I was to busy enjoying the day with my loves and the nice pool. We BBQ that day for lunch, spent the day pool side and later watched a movie. 

It was a fun day with my family, Doesn't Ava look cute in her shades?!!!

Here's just a few recent photos of Ava. Every day she does something more and more amazing, I'm loving being a Mommy for the first time and enjoy all the little things and BIG things that she's teaching me. 
Isn't her kitty onesie cute? Her Great Grandma bought it for her, and even though it's long sleeved and 107 degrees here in Phoenix I just had to put it on her and get a few shots.

Her Daddy bought her the little brown checkard outfit! And, this week I got a big box of clothes from my Grandma for Ava. And my cousin and my other Grandma sent Ava a really cute dress with a pair of sandals.

This girl is pretty well loved and dressed! Thank you everyone!


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