June 14, 2010

Summer 2010:

Weekends go by to fast, don't they?!!! Orion had Friday off, which is a rare treat so we spent the day together, ringing in our summer and discussing all the things/plans we had going on this summer. Next week Orion is off to youth camp with our teens for a week. Ava and I will have to make it the week at home with out him. We talked about some family things we want to do this summer, and even try to steal away some family vacation if we can. My friend is getting married this summer, we're looking forward to her wedding, and I will dawn a bridesmaid dress for the 8th time, and I think my last. As she's the last of my single girlfriends to marry. 

Friday, we headed out to West Gate. It's a shopping center here by the Cardinals Stadium that we like to go to. There's food places, coffee shops with great smoothies, a water fountain for the kiddos, and way over priced boutiques that I like to "window shop" in. 

Orion and I have loved this place since we moved to Glendale (almost a year ago) wowzers, how time flies. Anyway, we love coming here grabbing lunch and walking around. So we did just that. 

We split lunch at Shane's Rib Shack, and discussed our family mission/values statement. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time (more on this later.) It was good to dream and talk about the family we want to be, over delish lunch of coarse. 

Ava was a trooper, sleeping through lunch, and waking up just in time to see the fountains. 

Later, that day Orion watched Ava so I could steal some time away for myself and go shopping. I don't normally get to do this, but this week and unexpected blessing came our way, and it was such a blessing for me because I don't really have many clothing options right now since having the baby and still needing to loose some baby weight. I was able to go buy some new things with this blessing. 

I also, went shopping and picked Orion up something for his first Father's Day, I'm excited to celebrate that with him soon. 
Friday night, I got a bug in me that I wanted to get rid of stuff from my closet. I haven't worn "real" clothes since being preggo, about 10 months ago. I usually go through my closet twice a year getting rid of stuff, I usually have a if you haven't worn it in a year you're probably not going to, so get rid of it. But, my issue was how can this rule really apply to me since I've been preggo this entire last year?

And since I like to practice the in/out rule I brought 5 things in that day from the store, so 5 things needed to come out of my closet. Plus 3 pairs of shoes had to come out. :)

 But, after taking a look at my closet I knew that there were things to get rid of that I hadn't worn even since before I was preggo. I cleaned everything, my closet and my dresser. 

And, to my surprise I found Orion's wedding ring that he lost last summer in one of my dresser drawers. I was in shock, seeing how we both thought someone stole it and there it was. When I found it and gave it to him, he said he was going to wear it on his right ring finger, "double commitment" he likes to call it! Made me laugh and smile! 

Also, this weekend Ava found her thumb and has been sucking it ever since and trying to shove her fist entirely in her mouth. It's pretty hilarious to watch! 

She's also been getting more "talkative" and we spent the entire weekend have our own "conversations" with her. That too, is very entertaining. 
I can't wait to spend our very first summer with our baby girl, making new memories and having new adventures together! 


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