June 5, 2010

Visual Decorating: Bathroom

Do you ever want to scrap what you have an start over? Well, I do. I'm in that mood right now where I look around my house and my tastes and style have changed and I just wanna scrap it all, sell it all and start fresh. 

So, for now while budget doesn't allow, I'll visualize my plans and just keep taking notes of my ideas for when the time comes. 

Currently our master bath is black & white. I'm over it. It's to dark and I wanna lighten things up a bit. Here's what I'm dreaming up:

It all started with the soap pump you see below, that was my inspiration piece for the room and from there we have the rest. 
I hate to see good bathroom duds go to waste though, do you think people buy stuff like that on Craigslist? Cause I might just have to get rid of it somehow and start over.

Till then, I'm dreaming. 


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