June 6, 2010


I'm a firm believer that you really don't know something until you've walked it and experienced it for yourself. 

Sure you can play scenarios in your mind all day long about what you think you would say or do, or how you think you might act or react towards something, but you never really know until you're there. 

Until your in that situation, or frame of mind. Get what I'm saying?!?

I didn't understand the world of marriage really until I was married. I was the last of my college girlfriends to get married. They were all married for a year or more by the time I married Orion. They we all dating well before I even found Orion. And once, they got married I must admit their lives changed and mine stayed the same and often times I didn't understand why or how their lives changed once they enter marriage. 

There were times when I wanted it to be "just the girls" but husbands and schedules had to be consulted. They were going through things that this single girl knew nothing of. 

Luckily I had some amazing married friends that took care of this single girl. (thank you Ben & Sara)

Mommywood & Parenting are much like that for me, a world that I didn't understand until now. 

I knew what kind of Mommy I wanted to be. I know what kind of parent I strive to be. I know what Orion and I agree on what is and isn't appropriate for our family. 

And, I believe that no two families are alike. What may work for us may not for the next. I think you have to find out what works best for your family. Trial & Error. Ups & Downs. 

I know Orion and I have only tipped the scale on this parenting thing. But, I am starting to understand all the little things that make up this new life. And, I'm finding new understanding and appreciation for my girlfriends who have already been there. 

They are my life line, my source of go to when I need a question answered or just a sympathetic ear. 

I now know how easy it is to not be on time anymore. To take longer to get ready in the mornings even when you have the tiniest person relying on you to take care of them. 

How easily a cell phone could be missed placed and you miss all your calls for the day. 

I today, have more understanding for what my other Mommy friends have already been through. I know just how hard it can be some days. Just how time consuming it all can be. 

And how at the end of the day being with your baby(ies) and your love is all that matters. 

Being a stay at home Mom was not a world I grew up in, it's not a world I even knew was a reality till now. 

My Mom was a full time working Momma. I didn't know any different or that there was. I thought all Moms worked when I was a kid. 

My Mom worked hard. She's the hardest working gal I know, and she raised 4 kids. I have a better appreciation for single working Mothers because my Mom was once one. 

Little did I know staying at home, was BIG major work. Just the same as a Mom who got up everyday and went to work. These Moms work too they just have a shorter commute. 

Before I even thought about having kids, I thought I'd be a working Mom. I really had no desire to stay at home. But, my priorities have changed. This is what is for me. Maybe no one else but me. 

Now, I can't imagine leaving her and going anywhere else. But, still if duty called and I needed to return to work I would do anything to help provide for her and my family. 
As I gain more and more knowledge of where God has me in these exact moments, I know he's molding and creating a different Andrea than yesterday or even five years ago. 

As I welcome myself to the 'Mommy Club' like so many others I pray that I will not take these moments or others for granted like I have in the past. 

I vow, to always be understanding and know that things aren't always as they seem from the outside. 

I promise to live each day for the day, in the moment, looking for what God has in store. 

Always understanding, always giving people the benefit of the doubt, always giving a second chance.

I want to bloom. 


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