June 24, 2010


You may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter, that I am in Iowa!

Surprise! A couple weeks ago my Mom called me and offered to fly me & Ava home to surprise my family who hadn't met Miss Ava yet! I jumped at the chance, and kept a good secret from all my family for the the last two weeks. (I have the best video of my Sister's reaction, I'll post later)

We're finally here and have been enjoying the last 4 days with them. I'm so excited to be home and get to spend some time with them. I'll be a little M.I.A for the next couple days while I'm home. No blogging, or Internet for me. I'm just going to enjoy these few days I get to spend with them, lunching with family, swimming in the pool, BBQs, laughing and loving this time.

Just wanted to let all you readers out there know what's up, and that I haven't totally fell off the face of the earth. I'll be back soon with stories and pictures of Ava's first plane ride, and all kinds of cuteness from our trip!

Stay tuned, hope you're having a fabulous week like we are!!!


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